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“‘Homecoming King’ is a roller-coaster ride. Onstage, Minhaj is a charming, energetic comedian and an absorbing storyteller”


“Minhaj is one of the most authentic voices to come onto the storytelling scene in years. ”

Catherine Burns, The Moth

“Hasan Minhaj has the goods. He’s funny, thoughtful and really smart. And it’s not just about his tall and amazing hair. You’re going to laugh; cry, because you, unlike me, can still feel.”

Jon Stewart

“Minhaj takes what had to have been a devastating moment in his life and turns it into something more: a tale of human redemption and personal growth.”


“Minhaj…is a magnanimous storyteller…Without a doubt, ‘Homecoming King’ is a magnicifent triumph, and a hilariously compelling journey that is not to be missed-otherwise, log kya kahenge?”

“A comedic prince onstage!”


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