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thecheriemint story Mr Minhaj rocked.
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ayasin_23 story 1/8/16: I’m a regular watcher of TDS for 2 years now. Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah have been and are staples in my house. @hasanminhaj was Jon’s last hire as a correspondent, and he has transcended that position. Watching him on TV has been great (whether it be Muslim Makeover or WHISIS) but to see him on stage was mind blowing.
Hasan’s show is a must watch. It’s not just another immigrant tale or episode of Master of None. It’s his genuine life story and embodies everything comedy should be, authentic and relatable.

So much… (read more)

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hasanminhaj story Real life.

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ahmedsiqbal story Jumpin out the window because there was no other choice… Great show! @hasanminhaj #pauseforthecause @ahmedsiqbal via Instagram

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